Audio Recording - Engineering and production

Bad Hombres Sound is not going to brag or bore you about all the fancy gear they use.

Honest truth is that they don't have the most expensive fancy gear nor did they take expensive audio courses to learn how to run it. We have quality gear that sounds great and learned how to run it while being musicians, playing 25 years worth of gigs and having recorded many times in professional studios that we could hardly afford at the time.

The worst part about being a struggling musician is that studios were not affordable then and they probably are not now to most new struggling musicians....this is where Bad Hombres Sound can help. 

Gear that we do use:

Drums- Tama Star Classic (Birch)

Cymbals- Heartbeat

Recording Console- Personus 24.4.2

Recording Software- Presonus Studio One Pro

Microphones- Advanced Audio, Sure

Cables- Black ones with silver ends

Studio Monitors- Yamaha

If you need a good sounding demo, want to record can original song or need some audio for social media then you should consider Bad Hombres Sound. We can assist you with producing, provide backing tracks, or just plug in the mic and provide you with a creative space to record your music. We can do all of that for a reasonable price as we are not trying to compete with Nashville like super studios.

We can also help with marketing, performance video, website design, and album art creation. All the things you need to help your music career at an affordable price.